Neighborhood Services

Our office can help you with a variety of city services. If you don't see what you're looking for below, or if you need assistance, please give us a call at (773) 840-7880 or send us an email at [email protected]. Staff are also available to help in-person during our office hours.

Copies of the following forms are available at our office, or you're welcome to submit them by email to [email protected].


Block Parties

Residents interested in hosting a block party will need to turn in two documents: an application for a city permit and a petition signed by residents of the block. To obtain a permit, we require 60% of the buildings on the block to sign the petition in support of the block party.

Block Party Permit Form
Block Party Petition


Garage, Yard, and Apartment Sales

In 1996, the City of Chicago began requiring permits for garage, yard, and apartment sales to guard against perpetual yard sales. Residents planning to hold garage, yard and apartment sales can obtain their required permits through our office. There is no fee for obtaining these permits. Please complete the form at least two weeks before the start date and note the rules and restrictions on the first page of the application form.

Garage, Yard and Apartment Sales Permit Application (English)
Garage, Yard and Apartment Sales Permit Application (Spanish)


Parking Signs

Residential Disabled Parking

Residential Disabled Parking was established to provide residents with disabilities convenient and accessible parking in close proximity to their residences. To apply to have Disabled Parking signs installed near your home, please review the city's guidelines and complete the Disabled Parking Application. Completed applications and the $70.00 fee may be submitted to our office or via mail to the city's Department of Finance:

P.O. Box 803100
Chicago, IL 60680-3100
ATTN: Disabled Permit Section

For updates and renewals, please use the Disabled Parking Update/Renewal Form

Tow Zone Parking

To request tow zone parking signs, please complete the following form.

CDOT Driveway Parking Control Sign Request


Potholes and Cave-Ins

Potholes and cave-ins can be reported by calling 311, by filing a service request through the CHI311 Mobile App or the City of Chicago 311 website, or by contacting our office. Once you a file a request, you will receive a service request number. Our office can help you check on the status of the request with that number.


Residential Parking Permits

To designate a block as a permit-parking zone, residents may petition the City of Chicago to be a part of the Residential Permit Parking Program. Please note that we require 75% of the buildings on the affected block to sign the petition in support of the designation, and that there is an yearly fee associated with this program.

Residential Permit Parking Petition

To purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker with a residential parking zone number you must reside in the residential parking zone, or provide the Chicago City Clerk with an exception letter. If you live near a residential permit parking zone, but not in the zone, you may qualify for an exception letter allowing you to add residential parking zone to your Chicago Vehicle Sticker.

Residential Permit Parking Letter of Exception Application


Speed Humps

Speed humps are intended to slow the speed of traffic to protect our neighbors. Residents may apply to the Chicago Department of Transportation to install or remove speed humps. Note that we require 60% of the buildings on the affected block to sign the petition to install or remove speed humps.

Speed Hump Petition Sheet